Sourcing unique pieces and working with designers, The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria

20 October, 2015.

The Grounds ingenious approach to dinning is reflected in all parts of their business including the furniture.

Working with designers and sourcing unique commercial furniture pieces can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of this business. When design is key it’s important that furniture is not just functional but a reflection of what the establishment stands for. ‘On trend’ establishments don’t want pieces that can be found in every second café across town.

Sometimes designers come to you with a specific piece in mind, sometimes they want you to suggest an item based on their brief and sometimes they have an idea that you need to bring to fruition, ultimately it will always be a collaboration.

Recently Atmosphere Custom Furniture again had the opportunity of working with award winning designer Caroline Choker of ACME & Co sourcing new indoor dinning furniture for The Grounds of Alexandra. An idea was brought to us and through our network of agents across Europe and Asia, Atmosphere Custom Furniture were able to come up with a range of in this case Italian options and samples.