The Espy rocks on

Custom furniture at Hotel Esplanade

20 November, 2018.

Four levels, 12 bars and two restaurants restored to ‘kick-arse Victorian grandeur’.

The renovation of The Espy (Hotel Esplanade, St Kilda) is the biggest and best project we have worked on with Sand Hill Road group so far…

Working on the Espy is up there with the most exciting projects we have done for the venue is more than just a landmark of St Kilda with over 140 years of history including Australia’s longest running music venue (geez I wish those walls could talk).

This beautiful venue was restored to its grandeur and glory paying homage to when it was a 19th century Victorian retreat however looking to its future evolution.

We worked with owner and company director Matt Mullins, Project Manager Danny Ellaway, stylist Eleisha Grey and Techne Architects to provide an eclectic array of custom stools, chairs and tables considering the venues history and communities desires.

More than 400 new custom pieces of furniture with different materials, fabrics and finishes were supplied, these new custom furniture pieces mixed with 19th century furniture and antiques giving each space its own unique feel. Wicker, cane, brass and marble custom furniture pieces featured heavily. Seven members of our team took three days to install these 400 plus pieces of custom furniture across four levels, 12 bars and two restaurants. And our whole team was privileged enough to attend the launch treated to fabulous made to order food, drinks and cocktails. A genuine delight to see this building restored to its former glory and rocking again.


Custom furniture at Hotel Esplanade  Custom furniture as seen at Hotel Esplanade

IMG_5049 (1) Custom furniture at Hotel Esplanade